The Time Travelers
Joe and Paula McHugh

Through their unique blend of music, storytelling, and projected images of original artwork, The Time Travelers offer up an enjoyable program for all ages. Back in the days before electricity, before wide-screen televisions and blockbuster movies, computer games, and smart phones, people had to make their own entertainment, their own culture. They did this by telling stories and singing songs. They danced and played musical instruments. These simple pastimes provided moments of enjoyment and helped strengthen the bonds of family and community. The Time Travelers carry on this important tradition. Weaving together the spirited telling of legends, tall tales, and historical facts from America’s past with fiddle and banjo duets, humorous songs, and projected images of original paintings, the McHughs bring both history and the imagination to life for everyone.

Joe and Paula perform Railroading Over the Rockies with a little help from the audience.

Program for:

Senior Centers
High Schools

Joe and Paula McHugh

Joe and Paula McHugh playing Cowboy’s Dream.

Program Length: 60-90 minutes
Equipment Needs: Projector and Screen
Program for ages: 8 – adult

Pricing and Availibility
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